Architecture and designing

Architectural solutions:

Our team completes different types of architectural projects, offering modern and economical solutions.

We are an experienced team of professionals to produce the construction idea as well as to develop the complete building project and provide it approved by technical regulation issuers and responsible authorities.

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Road design

We are an experienced designer team which has specialists professionals - engineers with compliant qualifications and skills. 

We work in united team to develop road sketches and technical projects, in accordance with standards and normatives in force following customer requirements,  possibilities and desires.

  • Road, street, parking lots building and re-construction projects 
  • Drive-by and square projects; 
  • Water solution projects for motorway, street, parking place
  • Territory iImprovement landscape and greening projects
  • Playgrounds, rubber base projects 
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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning:

We design HVAC system, choosing modern technologies and solutions. We have qualified and certified engineers, who can implement your projects with energy-efficient and environment friendly solutions, in our team.

  • Heating 
  • Ventilation, conditioning 
  • Boiler houses 
  • Heating units
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Water supply:

Water supply and sewerage internal and external network solutions, rain sewer solutions, Water supply solutions for roads, parking places, industrial, public and residential buildings

Working on projects, our architecture and engineering network designers co-operate to provide the most effective solution. To provide a quality, our water supply design team operates AutoCAD, Revit and MagiCAD software.

  • Internal and external networks 
  • Melioration / rainwater systems 
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Pools / ponds / canals / rivers / lakes
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The JOE team has designed drainage construction projects in cities, villages and in the countryside. There are countless major designs of rain water drainage and development of forest drainage systems and agricultural construction projects in our experience. We also offer related consultations.

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JOE will provide an efficiently designed gas project, internal and external delivery systems.

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Power supply:

Our team develops all types of internal and external network technical projects for the construction and reconstruction of electric networks, as well as high amount industrial and public building installations and all types of internal and area lighting, electric installation reconstructions.

  • Building internal networks 
  • External networks (air and underground cables) 
  • Telecommunications / low current / video surveillance 
  • Substations / transformers 
  • Lightning protection
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