Best building of the year in Latvia, nomination 2018 “Landscape”.

'Cirulisi' Nature trails.

In the administrative area of the city Cesis and in the nature conservation area of the Gauja National Park, NATURA 2000 area, JOE Latvia developed a project - 'Creating a natural path along the Call Rocks and creating a natural path at Spokesrock in Cesis, Cesu county'. At the beginning of the 20 th century, this has been one of the favoured walking places with a landscape view from the street across Gauja and a view from Gauja to Rocks. In the course of the project “Renewal of natural infrastructure in Gauja National Park, Cesis and Pargauja municipalities”,  the nature trails of the larks has been extended to two stages of 800 metres. A path for viewing the Call Rock, which has been constructed using a log and wood polymer boards of 357 metres long, while the path with ladders and viewing platforms above Spotted Rock is 440 metres long.

You already have ideas for holiday? JOE, recommends that You take a walk to the Cirulisu Nature Trail, equipped with viewing platforms that will allow you to look at Gauja's ancestry from unseen viewpoints!